Unlimited Mortgage & Purchase Leads.

Only $2,500 Per Month. Start Calling Immediately.


What You Get.

Power Dialer

Unlimited Verified Leads

50,000 Leads Added Weekly!

Free Sales Scripts,
Proven to generate
Live Transfers! 

Bonus: SMS and Email Scripts 

Access to telemarketers as low as $5 per hour


Transfer calls directly from our platform. Build your own call center!

All Leads Scrubbed against the National Do Not Call Registry

Weekly 1 on 1 Zoom Meetings

Talk to an expert (888) 212-3836 

10x Your
Mortgage Pipeline.

Limited to only 50 Seats! We are limiting the platform to only 50 mortgage professionals to ensure lead quality for all our customers. 

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee  
  • Contract-Free, Cancel at any time!   
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee 

Talk to an expert (888) 212-3836 


See What Our Customers are Saying!

Amazing value. 

We signed up back in Oct. and hired a telemarketer at $5 per hour.

The telemarketer makes roughly 500 calls per day and generates 15 – 20 transfers per day.

About half of those transfers turn into applications and half the applications turn into loans.

This product has saved our business during this rising rate environment.

Hats off to LeadLead and the owner Scott Kressin! Job well done for the consumers and the industry!

This offer was so good it was difficult for me not to give it a try. 

$2,500 seems like a steep price tag but it’s really not.

Our telemarketer does an amazing job transferring us calls daily. We made a few small revisions to the sales scripts leadlead provided us and our phones are buzzing.

Our bank is all about compliance and knowing all the leads are scrubbed against the National Do Not Call registry allows me to sleep easy at night.

Mortgage professionals! Recession-proof your business with this product. 

$2,500 a month for unlimited leads, power dialer, and sales scripts.

Take it a step further with a telemarketer doing all the heavy lifting and transferring you hands raising consumers looking to pull cash out of their property.

It’s a no-brainer guys!

Additional Questions? (888) 212-3836 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the leads opt-in internet leads?

Yes, All of our leads are opt-in, scrubbed against the DNC registry, and TCPA approved.

What is the Click to Dial Unlimited Program?

The Click To Dial is a premium dialing system allowing users to call through an unlimited number of verified Refinance & Purchase leads directly from our platform.

The platform helps motivate Mortgage and Real Estate professionals to quickly and efficiently target verified hand-raising consumers looking to Refinance or Purchase a new property.

The Click To Dial by LeadLead, LLC is considered the industry’s leading power dialing system

What is the cost?

$2,500 per month, contract-free and cancel at any time. 

What setup do I need to Use The Platform? 

You will need the following resources:

  • PC or Mac
  • Headset
  • Google Chrome (For Best Possible Experience)
  • Reliable High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Third Party Phone Source. Most users use their cell phone. This will be the phone number displayed on customer’s Caller ID.

What is the age of the leads in the system?

We only import leads that are 0 – 60 days old.

Each lead has been appended and scrubbed for accuracy.  

Where are the leads generated from?

Our loan requests (leads) are generated from:

  • Affiliates
  • Search engines
  • Banner ads

All leads generated are TCPA compliant and scrubbed against the National Do Not Call Registry.

How Many Times Can a Lead Be Called?

After a lead is called 4 times its automatically removed from our system. 

How many telemarketers can use the same login?

We allow two telemarketers to use one account.

This is monitored by our QC department. If you abuse this policy you will be banned from the platform and no refunds will be issued.

Can you report bad leads?

Yes! This is a community, and we encourage all of our users to FLAG bad leads.  You can flag bad leads by clicking the red flag next to the CALL NOW button.


Unlimited Mortgage & Purchase Leads.

Only $2,500 Per Month. Start Calling Immediately.